Genetic diagnostics

In particular cases, genetic testing makes sense as part of the prenatal diagnosis. If there are hereditary disorders, if abnormalities are seen in the sonographic diagnosis, or if there is a high need for safety for other reasons, examinations of this kind are possible.

For this purpose, genetic material must normally be taken from the unborn child, either by puncturing the placenta (chorionic villus sampling) or by taking a sample of amniotic fluid (amniocentesis). These interventions are carried out at our practice under ultrasound guidance.

In certain cases this invasive diagnosis can be replaced by a special blood test (so-called NIPT, non-invasive prenatal test, e.g. PraenaTest ® or Harmony-Test ®), whereby there is no risk of intervention from the invasive diagnosis.


The special consultation about the genetic testing and the whole sample analysis procedure is carried out in the human genetics practice under Dr. Ovens-Raeder at our centre. Thanks to the close coordination of the two establishments, we can offer you comprehensive advice and diagnostics at the highest medical level.