Our practice was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing a wide range of prenatal diagnostics and prenatal medicine in order to give pregnant women competent advice at an early stage and rule out development problems in babies or detect them in a reliable manner.


All the doctors at the practice specialise in the field of prenatal medicine and are solely focused on this area. We work with the latest ultrasound equipment incl. 3D / 4D sonography. All treatment is performed at the highest medical and scientific level currently available. We guarantee this by means of continuous training and development for the whole practice team.

You will find us at the heart of Giesing, high above the rooftops of Munich and easily reached with public transport.


We offer the following range of prenatal diagnostic examinations:

– Sonography, 3D/4D sonography

– Fetal echocardiography

– Doppler ultrasonography

– Nuchal translucency scan

– Risk analysis in 1st / 2nd trimester

– Advanced first trimester screening

– Amniocentesis

– Chorionic villus sampling

– Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics