Day of the examination

Please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:


· Your maternity record


Prenatal diagnosis examination


· All results
that are important for the pregnancy, particularly results from previous ultrasound scans


· Your health insurance card
Any treatment covered by statutory insurance has only been permitted since 01.01.2015 after presentation of the electronic health insurance card. Without a health insurance card we have to invoice your treatment on a private medical basis.


· Letter of referral

Prenatal diagnosis examination

If, as a patient with statutory health insurance, you have been given a letter of referral by your gynaecologist for the examination at our practice, it is essential to bring this with you.

If you do not receive a letter of referral, it will be a self-payer service see costs). Please advise us about this when you make the appointment and on your arrival at the practice.


Prenatal diagnosis examination

Your partner or another person close to you can, of course, accompany you to your appointment.


Experience tells us that the presence of young children does not lead to a relaxed examination, either for them or for you, as the examination period may need to be extended and a concentrated examination “in the dark” may have a problematic effect on children. If you want to bring young children with you nevertheless, an accompanying person should definitely be on hand.


We ask you not to rub cream or oil on your stomach for three days before your examination with us. This impairs the visibility conditions.


After your arrival at the surgery, we kindly ask you to firstly fill out a questionnaire and to read some information sheets about the relevant examinations. Our members of staff will be happy to help you with this. We will then discuss the content of the examination and any special questions with you during a one-to-one conversation before the examination.


The examination itself lasts approx. 30 minutes. The time can, however, vary considerably due to various factors, e.g. due to an unfavourable position of the baby, and take longer than planned. Please therefore allow approx. 1.5 hours for your visit with us.

Despite careful planning, waiting times may occur; we try to keep these as short as possible for you, however.


After the examination, the results will be discussed with you in full. You will be given a findings report for your documentation, and a copy will also be sent to your specialist.


Prenatal diagnosis examination

Naturally you will receive a gloss photo of your baby.